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Web Design
Web design isn't just about code and graphics. It's also about information architecture, usability, accessibility, research, and strategy. In order to produce the best web site (or banner advertisement or newsletter or Flash animation), Silinx Studios works at understanding your purpose and your audience.

Graphic Design
While Silinx Studios has historically focussed more on the web side of things, clients have been pleased with the results when they've requested more traditional graphic design projects. Projects have included logo designs, business cards, stationary, signs, and pamphlets.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Unlike traditional forms of print and television advertising, online marketing is extremely trackable and return on investment (ROI) can usually be calculated with great accuracy. Of the various forms of online marketing, SEM is one of the most powerful as ads are contextually relevant and, depending on your core keywords, affordable on a cost per click (CPC) basis -- as opposed to cost per action/acquisition (CPA) and cost per thousand impression (CPM) campaigns. We can help you plan the best online marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is a fuzzy science at best, particularly with the big boys like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN changing their ranking algorithms all the time. There are no sure fire techniques or guarantees and anyone claiming such is typically doing something sketchy and frowned upon by the search engines that could result in being banned entirely. However, over the course of ten years in the industry, we've become well-versed in best practices and we're happy to put that knowledge to use for your sites.

Content Development
With three years experience as a freelance journalist and more than five years as a producer, writer, and editor for various web sites, Stephen Lin can provide advice and direction for your content. Alternately, Silinx Studios can help you create original content with access to an extensive network of writers with expertises and interestsin a wide variety of areas.

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