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Since 1999, Stephen Lin has been providing freelance web and graphic design services to the Boston area as Silinx Studios. During these years, Stephen has added search engine optimization (SEO) expertise and E-business consulting experience to his background (that prior to 1999 also included content development and public relations).

Where web design, ecommerce, graphic design, public relations, project management, search engine optimization, marketing, and journalism are Stephen's primary competencies, his major areas of interest and expertise are within the following industries: travel, student, entertainment (particularly music), technology, and pop culture. This cross-section of skills and knowledge allow Silinx Studios to cater to a broad variety of client needs.

While Boston is the homebase for Silinx Studios' design and consulting services, this is the 2000s and just about anything is possible over the internet. Additionally, Silinx Studios also maintains a very robust network of contacts who provide complementary services including (but not limited to): photography, video/television production, and event management. Do not hesitate to ask for referrals.

And yes, given that Silinx Studio is essentially just one person, Stephen feels very weird about writing a brief on the company in third-person.

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